Competition rules

We have made a few changes for 2018 and there may also be some additional minor adjustments. We have made a few updates and these changes are marked in red.

FIFA:s and SvFF:s rules apply with following additions, exceptions and clarifications:

• Age classes

B-16 Boys born 1/1 2002 and later (11-a-side)
B-15 Boys born 1/1 2003 and later (11-a-side)
B-14 Boys born 1/1 2004 and later (9-a-side)
B-13 Boys born 1/1 2005 and later (9-a-side)
B-12 Boys born 1/1 2006 and later (7-a-side)
B-11 Boys born 1/1 2007 and later (7-a-side)

G-16 Girls born 1/1 2002 and later (11-a-side)
G-15 Girls born 1/1 2003 and later (11-a-side)
G-14 Girls born 1/1 2004 and later (9-a-side)
G-13 Girls born 1/1 2005 and later (9-a-side)
G-12 Girls born 1/1 2006 and later (7-a-side)
G-11 Girls born 1/1 2007 and later (7-a-side)

Para Trophy Div 1 (7-a-side)
Para Trophy Div 2 (7-a-side)

The Para Trophy classes has its own regulations.

Number of players
Every team gets to use a free number of players, as well as in total as in each and every match. One player can participate in two or more of the clubs’ teams, as long as the teams competes in DIFFERENT classes. The player then has to be included on every teams Total player list.

This means that one player can never, during any circumstances, play in two different teams in the same age class. However, in the classes Boys 11 and Girls 11, this may be allowed in exceptional cases if player failure occurs during the ongoing cup. This must be approved by the Competition Team before the match is played.

However, girls also gets to play in a boy class in the same age. Notice that by way of our registration page, it is possible to pick up players from the clubs other teams, once they are registered there.

In the classes Girls 12 and Boys 12 applies that following players that is available and present at the game time should play.

• Shin guard

Shin guards must be used by all players.

• Balls
Size 5 in G-16, G-15, B-16 and B-15
Size 4 in G-14, G-13, G-12, G-11, B-14, B-13, B-12 and B-11.

• Substitutions

Substitutions is allowed whenever during the game (“flying substitutions”) without any specific approval by the referee. The player gets to enter the match several times during the game. The substitution shall be made by the centerline and a new player is not allowed to enter the pitch before the substituted player has left it. An incorrect substitution can be prosecuted with a warning on the player that steps into the pitch too early.


All players must wear the participant band to play each game. If such failure is discovered it should be indicated to the referee.


TWO overaged (one year maximum) players is allowed to attend each game in the classes Girls and Boys 13-16. A maximum of FOUR overaged players gets to be on each teams Total player list in the classes Girls and Boys 13-16. If two or more overaged players is on the Total player list for a team, a new line-up needs to be submitted to the

Competition Secretariat or to the pitch hosts of Storsjöcupen latest 15 minutes before kick-off of each game. This means that the other overaged players needs to be left outside the line-up during the concerning game.

ONE overaged (maximum one year) player gets to be used at each game in the classes B/G 11-12. A maximum of THREE overaged players gets to be on each teams Total player list in the classes B/G 11-12. If there is more than one overaged on the Total player list, there needs to be a new line-up handed in to the Competition Secretariat or too the Storsjöcupen pitch hosts before each game and latest 15 minutes before kick-off. This means that the other overaged players needs to be left outside the line-up during the concerning game.


By request, overaged players needs to be presented to the referee and/or the opponent leader. Girls gets to play in boy classes, but boys is not allowed to play in girl classes.

Metal-tipped studs are only allowed in G-15/16 and B-15/16. Otherwise it is not allowed. If such failure is discovered should the referee be addressed on this and the referee should order the player off the pitch.

Extra time
See ”playoff”

Combined teams

Storsjöcupen can allow that teams combine from more than one club and play together just during the cup. Application about this must be handed in 21/6 at the latest. After that, combined teams is not accepted. Other than that it is not allowed to borrow players from another club just for the cup.

List of players

A list of players needs to be handed in every game from teams that have more than two overaged players on their total player list and/or from teams that changes their jersey numbers as to what stands in the Total player list. A list of players also needs to be handed in from teams that has added players on their Total player list after the first match. The list of players needs to be handed in 15 minutes at the latest before concerning game. If the game is played at Odensala sportfält it is handed in to the Secretariat. Before matches that is held at different pitches, the Total player list is handed in to the pitch host at the concerning pitch or to the Secretariat at Odensala sportfält.


Upon request, all players should able to show a valid age identification.

Borrow players

It is not allowed to borrow players from other clubs only for the Storsjöcup, if not the clubs’ district/division has allowed it in a specific decision. In that case, this needs to be presented and evidenced somehow.It must then be a decision that is valid for the regular competition season as well

It is however possible for players to play in more than one of the clubs teams, as long as the player is on both teams Total player list, and under the circumstances that the teams plays in different age classes. See also “Combined teams”.

Match length
The game time is 2×25 minutes. Referees has the opportunity/rights to add time in case of injury or other specific events that clearly affects the game time.


All players needs to have a number on their back. No players in the same team is allowed to have the same number. Players that enters the pitch with a similar number as another team mate shall be warned and needs to leave the pitch to fix it. If the opponent team is noticing two players wearing the same number they shall inform the referee. To protest after a game regarding violations of this rule will not lead to any action.

Offside does not apply in 7-a-side.


In the group stage determines mutual placements, in the following order:

1) Points
2) Goal difference
3) Most made goals
4) Results in match(es) between teams with equal points (if more than two teams, mutual table)
5) Concerning place 2-5: result against the group winner
6) Lottery.

In the classes G-11 and B-11 there is no counting or reporting of result and no table.


An objection to a decision/protest is handed in written on a determined form to the Competition Secretariat one hour after finishing match at the latest. The cost is 500SEK, which will be refunded if the protest gets approved. We will of course accept comments on violations of the competition rules later than one hour after the game, but the result in the individual match will then not be affected. It can however be a case of another form of punishment for the offending team. We want to emphasize that it is not possible to protest against a decision from the referee that he or she has made during the match!

7-a-side (Para Trophy has some own rules)

Offside does not apply in 7-a-side. The goalkeeper is allowed to both kick and throw out the ball after being behind the short line (goal kick). The six-second-rule for the goalkeeper does not apply, but a delay of the game is not allowed. Goalkeeper has the right to pick the ball up with his/her hands in case of a backward pass.

A warning with card only apply in exceptional cases and sending off meaning that teams gets to play with less players does not apply. The referee can however decide that one individual player cannot play any more in the ongoing match. In case of such ”rejection” in B-11, B-12, G-11 and G-12 will the player not be suspended in the next match, unless the Competition Committee decides different. In that case will the teams’ leader be informed by the Competition Committee.

Specific regarding Boys 11 and Girls 11

In this tournament we run with a rule called the Retreat rule in the classes Boys 11 and Girls 11, since this rule also is being used in the local league for these ages. The purpose with the retreat rule is to create a peace and quiet for the teams to build up an attack through passing and not by the goalkeeper shooting the ball over its own players.

Goalie kick is replaced with the goalkeeper throwing the ball to a teammate outside the penalty area on own half. (NOTE: Goalkeeper must therefore always put the ball in play after either a save or if the ball went “dead”, by either throwing or rolling out the ball).

When the goalkeeper has the ball must the opponents go back behind a so called retreat-line and are only allowed to attack the ball once the goalkeeper gets the game going again. The retreat-line can either be marked by cones on the side of the pitch or, more preferably, marked on the pitch with a dashed line. The intended line is around 1/3 of the pitch on each half.

If a goalkeeper kicks out the ball or an opponent steps over the retreat-line before the goalkeeper has thrown the ball out shall the goalkeeper re-do the throw. The goalkeeper needs to await the opponents to get into position. If the goalkeeper chooses to get the ball going before the opponents has had time to return to the retreat-line will the game just keep on going.

Specifically regarding Para Trophy:
In Para Trophy applies warnings even though it is 7-a-side, but the warnings does not accumulate. If a ball passes over the short line (a “dead” ball) is the goalkeeper not allowed to throw or shoot the ball across the second half of the pitch.

Sliding tackles are not allowed in Para Trophy!

If the club has team 1 and 2 are no players from team 1 allowed to go to team 2. However, players from team 2 can go to team 1 (dispensations).

Following applies for 11-a-side (Girls and Boys 13-16):
If a draw in the B-finals and A-finals will penalty kicks apply. This goes for all the matches in the B-finals but only up to the quarterfinals for the A-finals. The penalty kicks will be according to FIFA:s rules directly if the game is a draw at full time. First five penalties for each team. Then, if necessary, a penalty per team until a decisive has been made. Different penalty takers until all players have made one, and only among the players that finished the game on the pitch (however will any possibly excluded players be redeemed so that same amount of players from each team will kick the penalties). Substitution of goalkeeper needs to be among the players that were available on the pitch when the final whistle went off.

In the A-finals (starting with the semifinal) will extra time be added, 2x5 minutes if the result is a draw in full time. After that, if still a draw, will penalty kicks apply according to FIFA:s rules (see above).

Following applies for 7-a-side (Girls 12 and Boys 12):

If a playoff match is a draw at full time, it will be decided by lottery which team that will count as the winner and moves on in the tournament.

There is also a limitation in that no individual team gets to play more than 3 matches per day, which can mean that some class will have a C-final (except the A and B).

In the classes Girls 11 and Boys 11 there is no finals.

Accessories etc.
Jewelry, piercings, watches etc. that puts other players to a risk must be removed. Leaders is responsible for this and referees has the right to send off players from the pitch that has not removed such. Referees decides if players with plasters, that is well nestled, gets to play or not. Players are however obligated to wear their participate band to play the match, if not having special reasons.

Storsjöcupen Fair Games
Fair Play-awards is handed out to teams, players, leaders and parent groups which stands out in a particular positive spirit. The tournament work with “SISU Idrottsutbildarna” and put into practice the criteria that is contained in “Idrotten Vill” – guidelines within Swedish sports and the guidelines that exist in “Fotbollens Spela, Lek och Lär” – Swedish kids- and youth soccer’s alignment.

Total Player List
The player list that is on the Storsjöcups sign-up system “Cupmanager” is the only total player list that is needed to fill in.

Total player list is completed through the Storsjöcup website,, last at 22.00 Thursday, June 29. Thereafter that possibility is shut down and the Total player list needs to be handed in manually on a specific form with payment to the Competition

Secretariat, according to times below. Payments during the last week before the start of the tournament shall be evidenced by a copy of the payment.

If the total player list has not been handed in before the first match start the cost is 1 500 SEK, alternatively an exclusion from the tournament. To be able to log in and administer your team is a username and password needed, that is obtained through e-mail when signing up. If problem, contact “Economy/Booking” (“Ekonomi/Bokning”) by the email address

Players that is not registered on the teams total player list are not allowed to play for the team, no matter if the player is on another total player list for another team in the club. Changes/additions can be made until the first match starts, at a cost of 200 SEK for each change/addition. This is made in the Competition Secretariat during Monday at 15.00-21.00 o clock or during Tuesday from 07.00 o clock. The biggest total cost for changes before the first match is however 500 SEK, which also is the cost if the total player list is NOT handed in before that function has shut down on the website.

After the first match has been played will the possibility to add players to the total player list still exist and are available for the remaining matches at a cost of 500 SEK for each player if the player already have a participation band.
If there are players who do not have a participation band, such is to be purchased at the current price depending on whether it is A-card or B-card, but then the cost of 500 SEK is excluded.

No player are allowed to stand on two teams Total player list in the same age class, no matter of one of the teams is eliminated. Girls can stand on boy teams total layer list in the same age however.

A player who is not listed on the Total player list for a team is considered unauthorized. If unauthorized players participate in a match for a team, the opposite team will be awarded the win. In group play, the opposite team is awarded 3 points and the result is written to 0-5 unless it is to their disadvantage (ie winning the match with larger numbers). In the playoffs the opposite team wins the 5-0 win and advances to the next round.

A phone number to the responsible leader in place in Östersund needs to be on the Total player list.

Shirt color
Teams that is written as away team is obligated to switch color of their shirts if the opponents have the same. Check the opponents’ color of shirt before every game. If the referee for other reasons determines that there is need to switch colors is the away team responsible for changing. All teams are obligated to during the Storsjöcup have access to reserve shirts and/or vests in a discrepant color.

Storsjöcupen does not have the opportunity to have enough available vests.

Teams that not have stated the color of their shirts are also obligated to change their color even if being the home team. Check in good time before heading to Östersund if your teams’ shirt color have been noted on our website. Last date to change shirt color on our website is 21/6, since we want the right shirt color to stand on both our website and the printed program.

Sending off/suspension
When a player is sent off from a match is he/she automatically suspended in the teams' next match in the same competition class. When it is a gross violation and sending off and the referee writes a report the Competition committee will decide if the player should be suspended in more matches.

At suspension of a leader are the referee obligated to determine if it is a gross or mild violation. If the violation is considered mild are the leader only suspended for the rest of the current match. If the violation is determined as gross and the referee hands in a report will the Competition Committee decide if there should be additional punishments.

Responsible leader gets the answer by the Competition Secretariat. The answer can be left within three hours after received report, often earlier. If a player participate in a match where he or she is suspended are the team going to be assigned as losers. The opponents will receive 3 points and the result will be written as 0-5.

Warnings does not accumulate.


The result will be 0-5 and 3 points to the opponents when leaving a walkover. Teams that leave walkover can, depending on reason, be excluded from the tournament. In case of exclusion, the team's all results are eliminated.

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