Referee registration for the Storsjöcupen 2022

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The Storsjö Cup has for the most part matches in the classes 9 against 9 and it is therefore the majority of the matches that need to be judged in those classes.

9 against 9 are the same rules as in 11 against 11, but with plan sizes that are better adapted to the players, which means that there will be better games and more situations. You who state that you want to judge 11 against 11 will to a large extent also be placed in 9 against 9 matches as well, you will also need to judge 7 against 7.

7 against 7 150: -
9 mot 9 200: -
11 mot 11 200: -

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As a referee in the Storsjö Cup, you commit to being able to judge in all classes such as 7 against 7, 9 against 9 and 11 against 11 games.
Re-bids may not be submitted later than 31/5.
The cup starts with a theoretical review on Monday 4/7 18.00, place will be announced later via email.
Mandatory participation.
Otherwise, registration is binding.

Personal information

If the tournament wants, they are allowed to show my name in public, for example in order for other referees to choose me as a partner or in game tables in the tournament game schedule

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