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Skrivet av Support Storsjöcupen (Leif Cardell) 29 juni 2017 15:24

This year's edition of Storsjöcupen is approaching - and Mittmedia are committed to watching the football party.

We are in place every day and offer live broadcasts in to over 100 games - which you can enjoy as a Plus customer or via PPV.

"We are looking forward to this cup week", says Amelia Mauritzon, football editor at Mittmedia.

The popular football tournament will start on July 4th. We offer live broadcasts from two plans each day in cooperation with the production company AETV.

"It will be great. We are very pleased to be able to offer these broadcasts to our audience, "said Amelia Mauritzon.

In total, we send about 100 matches where half will be broadcast from the main plan with graphics and commentator. The other half is broadcast from the schedule, where we will have a rolling camera without comment.

We also pay a great deal to watch the cup with images, news and television reports every day, as can be found on our site.

"You will be able to hang out in the big party and find the latest from the cup every day with us," said Amelia Mauritzon.

The matches will also be seen as retrospective.

There are two options for those who want to see the broadcasts. You can view them as a Plus customer with us or buy them via PPV (pay per view).

Via PPV it costs 149 SEK for the entire tournament. A Plus account costs one krona in the first month and then 99 kronor per month. Then you will have access to all material on Mittmedia's sites.

Here you buy the shipments via PPV:

Here you will find the Plus broadcasts – try Plus for only 1 SEK

See the matches from the schedule:

See the matches from the main plan:

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