Boendeanmälan stoppad

Skrivet av Support Storsjöcupen (Leif Cardell) 30 juni 2017 09:33

Nu har vi stoppat boendeanmälan och behöver man komplettera med flera band så går det att köpa på Sportfältet fr o m måndag.

Nästa nyhet: Football live

Skrivet av 29 juni 2017 15:24
This year's edition of Storsjöcupen is approaching - and Mittmedia are committed to watching the football party. We are in place every day and offer live broadcasts in to over 100 games - which you can enjoy as a Plus customer or via PPV. "We are looking forward to this cup week", says Amelia Mauritzon, football editor at Mittmedia. The popular football tournament will start on July 4th. We of... Läs mer