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Ås IF P11 Vit

Registration number: 2237
Registrator: Maria Kumpula
Primary shirt color: Dark blue
Leader: Johan Thorell
André Nordström
In addition to the two Ås teams, 27 other teams played in Pojkar 11. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Ås IF Vit could be found in Group A together with Charlottenlund SK, IFK Lit, IFK Östersund F/N 2 2, Östersunds FK Röd, IFK Östersund P08 City, Lånke IL, Hommelvik IL, Vuku/Leksdal IL, Ope IF City, Stjördals-Blink 2, Byafossen IL, Frösö IF Svart and Brunflo FK.

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